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Tips for Cutting Down on Sugar

While we all know the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water, we have trouble cutting back on sugary treats. Although it’s a difficult habit to break, cutting down on your sugar intake is an easy and inexpensive way to boost your health. Many studies show that added sugar is linked to many health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and fatty liver disease. But, how do we get rid of our sweet tooth? Here are some simple tips to help you cut down on your sugar intake and live a healthier, happier life.

Eat Fresh Fruits Instead

When cutting down on your sugar intake, you should focus on the foods that are naturally …

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Why Baking Is Good For You

Snacking and baking sweet treats are the devil according to some PTs and nutritionists around the globe. We understand why – baking is usually connected with sugar which, if consumed too much and too often then can be harmful to the body. However we are here to show you why we think baking is not only good for the soul but good for your overall health as well!


Good For The Soul

Modern day living is BUSY. We are busier than ever, working more than ever before, taking up new hobbies and socialising in coffee shops and bars in our spare time. We very rarely spend time on our own and even if we are on our own we …