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Simple mango cheesecake with a strawberry garnish that you can easily bake at home

From Cake to Pizza: 5 Top Party Snacks You Can Bake at Home

Organising a house party means taking care of the food and alcohol aspect as well which can prove to be tricky at times because of the type of party it is for. The aim is to have something that is easy to eat and make without it seems like you did not put in the effort. Mostly dry foods are depended on at house parties but there are other options as well.

Cake You Can Bake at Home

No matter what sort of event you are hosting, having a cake is normally considered a necessity. At a house party, you can either go for something simple that acts as just another dish on the table like a cinnamon cake or …

Several cupcakes with candles on, on top of baking tray

Baking made Easy at Home handy Tips Remember to Follow


Baking at home can become tricky when it’s something you don’t usually do, especially if you are under pressure to bake multiple things for different people within a certain amount of time. Many people feel that they become too stressed when baking under pressure as they want everything to run smoothly. There are many tips for managing baking and ensuring things run smoothly. Follow this guide to avoid any big problems half way through a recipe to avoid needing to start everything over again.


Following the recipe while baking

It is easier having all the ingredients out in front of you whilst cooking as it means things won’t go missing and they are easier to access. It is …

traditional cakes

Traditional Cakes from Countries across the Globe

Cakes are a food that brings everyone together. Whether that be to celebrate a birthday, wedding or something else, a cake is usually involved in people’s fondest memories. However, the type of cake will change depending on where you are in the world. Everyone is different – meaning that they will like different flavours. Cakes you will find in one country will be unimaginable in another. Here’s a look at some of the traditional cakes countries call their own.…