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How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Cake Business

Feed Strategy

It can be tempting as a baker/cake decorator to upload pictures of your most recent masterpiece as soon as it is complete. However, this can lead to a messy feed that may turn potential customers and followers away. Try to have a strategy when planning your Instagram feed. As a cake business, you want your feed to be aesthetically pleasing, clean, and portray your business in the best light. Schedule posts ahead of time, think of great captions, and try to follow a theme.

Track Engagement

Get to know your customers and followers by prioritising engagement levels. Many people focus on the number of followers their page has, but in reality, that does not mean that number of …


Our Experience With Self Storage Glasgow

Our business was in need of extra storage space at some point. This can be the case if your business is growing rapidly and needs to keep more inventory. A seasonal business may need to store some items for a season. Either way, the self storage Glasgow unit was a great solution for us. Often, price is the determining factor, but a well-located facility with plenty of storage will save you a bundle. Listed below are some of the benefits of a storage unit for businesses.

The Benefits Of Self Storage Glasgow

A business needs to record all income and expenses, and maintaining accurate records makes it easier to prepare and file taxes. The cost of real estate can be …

blogger outreach

Promote Your Cakes With Blogger Outreach

Are you starting a cake business from home? If yes, blogger outreach is an effective method that can be used by small brands to promote their business. A cake business has demands and pressure like no other. The only way to ensure you succeed is through the right exposure. Using social media platforms can be extremely useful in advertising your cakes. However, if you are just starting off then social media can be tiring and time-consuming. A better effective way is blogger outreach. 

blogger outreach

Blogger Outreach Explained

For those of you who are not familiar with the term blogger outreach, it is referred to the process of contacting well-known bloggers who are relevant to your nice. If they agree to …

it services glasgow

IT Services Glasgow Businesses Need

IT Services can be broadly classified into three groups, which include Information Technology Services, Software Development Services and Enterprise Services. The activities of an organisation to handle, design, develop, implement and manage information technology services provided to clients. The basic aim of any IT services provider is to make IT Services Glasgow companies can use as convenient and user-friendly as possible.

Finding IT Services Glasgow

IT Services can either be acquired through contracts or purchases from an external source. Outsourcing IT Services has become very popular and common in recent years as companies can cut down on their operational costs and at the same time get maximum value for their money. In a way, outsourcing helps businesses achieve efficiency and …