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Thick slice of chocolate cake on a white plate on a yellow table

Five of My Top Tips for Baking a Fabulous Cake at Home

Having a great cake to back you up for just about any occasion can be the saving grace you need at times. A great cake can suit a kid’s birthday party and an office get together so having it in your cookbook can really help. Keeping a few simple tips in mind can make sure you get the cake you are aiming at.

  • Do not compromise on tin size: If you are following a recipe, follow it right. Changing the size of the tins you are using will change the quantity as well as the baking time. It is easier to stick to the recipe rather than get adventurous if you are not comfortable with baking just yet.

Large slice of toffee cheesecake with a fork smothered in toffee sauce on the side

  • Air it
Extra large home baked pizza with extra tomatos

Four Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Baking a Pizza

A great pizza can serve as a staple dish for your house and something you can rely on when you have surprise guests coming over as well. Whether you are new at it or have been making pizza from scratch for years, there are a few mistakes that everyone is guilty of making at times.


Prep: Before you put your pizza in to bake, you should prep your baking sheet or pizza stone so that you will have a better crust at the end of it. If you do not prepare in advance, your crust will lack that crunch that brings the pizza together even though everything else may be perfect. Preheat your preferred appliance about 20 minutes …