How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Cake Business

Feed Strategy

It can be tempting as a baker/cake decorator to upload pictures of your most recent masterpiece as soon as it is complete. However, this can lead to a messy feed that may turn potential customers and followers away. Try to have a strategy when planning your Instagram feed. As a cake business, you want your feed to be aesthetically pleasing, clean, and portray your business in the best light. Schedule posts ahead of time, think of great captions, and try to follow a theme.

Track Engagement

Get to know your customers and followers by prioritising engagement levels. Many people focus on the number of followers their page has, but in reality, that does not mean that number of people are engaging with your content. Learn which engagement strategies work and which don’t. See when people are most likely to interact with your posts and which posts in particular do they seem to like? If you see a theme forming, stick to it, you are doing something right!

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are often overlooked, and people forget just how much they can aid your business account’s engagement levels. They can help you to gain new customers and grow your presence to make sure you are seen and heard. Make your hashtags relevant to your business and get into the habit of utilising them with every post.

Call To Actions

Use call to actions where appropriate and necessary. There is no point in showing off your great work if customers do not know where to find you or to place an order. Post links to your website, address, phone number etc to your bio, posts and stories to ensure people know exactly where you are. This means a great deal when it comes to acquiring orders.