Tips for Cutting Down on Sugar

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While we all know the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water, we have trouble cutting back on sugary treats. Although it’s a difficult habit to break, cutting down on your sugar intake is an easy and inexpensive way to boost your health. Many studies show that added sugar is linked to many health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and fatty liver disease. But, how do we get rid of our sweet tooth? Here are some simple tips to help you cut down on your sugar intake and live a healthier, happier life.

Eat Fresh Fruits Instead

When cutting down on your sugar intake, you should focus on the foods that are naturally sweet. These types of foods provide the nutrition that processed sugars don’t. It’s a good idea to replace processed sugar with healthy sweeteners, such as real maple syrup, coconut honey, or raw local honey. Also, when shopping for packaged foods and eating out, pay attention to the ingredients. Be careful not to purchase products with too much sugar. Some foods have hidden sugars in their ingredients. You can easily spot these by reading the label of a food. To find out what products contain the most sugar, download the FoodSwitch app to your smartphone. This app can help you find products with less sugar. In addition to limiting your intake of refined and processed foods, you should also avoid eating food from fast-food restaurants.


Eliminate Sugary Drinks

One of the best ways to cut down on sugar is to simply replace your favourite soda with a healthier drink. By cutting down on sugary soda, you can boost your energy levels and improve your focus. Aside from that, try to replace your soda with unsweetened coffee, tea, or sparkling water. And try to read labels. When you see the ingredient “sugar,” check it by looking at the amount of sugar in the ingredients.

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Avoid Sugary Desserts

Desserts are another source of sugar. Instead of desserts, try fruit, yoghurt, or dark chocolate. You can also cut your sugar intake in recipes. Some food ingredients are higher in sugar than others. Aim to cut sugar from your diet by reducing the amount of sugar added to your food. During the day, try to eat more foods with less sugar. And instead of consuming sugary energy drinks, replace them with water. Only indulge in sweet treats occasionally, and make them a treat. Once a month, you should find it easier to cut back on your sugar intake.