Four Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Baking a Pizza

Extra large home baked pizza with extra tomatos

A great pizza can serve as a staple dish for your house and something you can rely on when you have surprise guests coming over as well. Whether you are new at it or have been making pizza from scratch for years, there are a few mistakes that everyone is guilty of making at times.


Prep: Before you put your pizza in to bake, you should prep your baking sheet or pizza stone so that you will have a better crust at the end of it. If you do not prepare in advance, your crust will lack that crunch that brings the pizza together even though everything else may be perfect. Preheat your preferred appliance about 20 minutes in advance so that you have a better crust. Think about it in the same way you would when you are frying eggs; you would always heat the pan in advance. It is the same rule when it comes to pizza.

Several pizza dough balls covered in flour

Do not roll too thin: In your desperation to achieve a thin crust pizza, you could be rolling your dough out to the point where it cracks and you have to start all over. Do not speed through the process when you have a rolling pin in your hand. Focus on the shape and the thickness of your pizza so you achieve a balance at the end. Even if it does not crack, you may be rolling it to the point where the base will not be able to handle the weight of the toppings. Keep that in mind when you deciding how thin you want your pizza.


Greasy: If you add too much cheese it will inevitably mean that you will have to deal with a greasy pizza. The cheese should never be the only ingredient you taste and overpower everything else. If you add on too much cheese, it will result in your pizza not being able to take the pressure and it will not even taste as good.

Thin crust pizza with slice missing

Patience: Just because your entire house is starting to smell of pizza does not mean you need to take it out of the oven. Just because it looks done does not mean it is. After your pizza looks cooked, you should leave it in for about four minutes more so that the base is a golden, crunchy brown. Even once your pizza is out instead of cutting it straight away, you should make sure you give it five minutes to cool. This will ensure it is not too hot and it will also allow the cheese to set. After this, you can think about cutting yourself a slice and digging in.


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