Five Essential Utensils that Every Baker Should Have

Baker using a rolling pin on pastry

Setting foot into the world of baking, in most cases, means going through a million tools that you were convinced you need by a baker who has not used it themselves. Half of these tools are more like props and add nothing to your kitchen in terms of value. Instead of wasting money and having too many tools for 10 kitchens, know which ones are actually essential.

  • Hand mixer- As much as a normal mixer can do the job; a hand mixer can add more to your recipe and is perfect for small amounts. A stand mixer is perfect for a baker making large amounts or something that will take a long while to make but a hand mixer is great for someone who is just getting started with baking and wants to perfect the batch they are making.

Baker using a piping bag to ice a fruit cake

  • Food scale- Instead of buying a pastry cutter and an egg slicer, invest in a dependable digital food scale that you can use to get your recipes just right. When you are baking, measurement is everything and it will take you far. Even if you are sure something ‘looks right’, there is a very good chance it is off by a few grams which could mess up everything.
  • Cooling Racks- Cooling racks are the final product a professional baker needs to get cookies and cakes just right. Rather than letting them cool on the pan, let your cookies cool on a rack that allows the bottom to cool as well. This will make the process faster and it will also ensure that your cookies or brownies cool evenly all over.

Baker sifting flour through metal sieve

  • Whisks- This is one of the cheapest tools you will add to your kitchen but you will reach for it more often than any other. A good whisk will fold ingredients into your eggs and is perfect for liquid ingredients. It is perfect for giving your mixture a lighter finish.
  • Timer: As much as you think a baker should have ability to guess what five minutes should be, a kitchen timer can make your work a whole lot easier. It will allow you to be far more accurate when you are baking and it also allows you to focus on two different tasks at the same time without putting one of those tasks at risk. You can also keep in mind exactly how long it took to bake which could help you decide what works in the future.

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