Video Tape to DVD Services for Your Old Weeding Videos

video tape to dvd

If you were married before the age of digital cameras, you almost certainly have all your memories from your special day in a physical format, such as photographic prints and video tapes.  Photographers during this time would generally offer happy couples a few different services, such as full day or half day photography, video of the ceremony, video of the reception, and a whole day video edited into the best bits for you to watch.  If you find yourself wanting to store and share your memories digitally, then a Video Tape to DVD agency is exactly what you need.

video tape to dvd

Protect Your Memories with a Video Tape to DVD Conversion

Perhaps the biggest reason people seek out the services of a professional video tape to DVD conversion company is to make their memories future proof.  Video tapes are made of magnetic strips of tape, which is read by a tape player.  This magnetic strip actually degrades over time, and not many people know that every time you play the video it degrades the strip even further.  This is the sad reality of the medium, and means that over time you are slowly killing the tape.  Ever noticed that the videos you watched the most when you were younger would start to go crackly and fuzzed in places?  This is the tape being stretched and affected by the tape head inside the tape player. 

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Sooner Rather Than Later

This means that the sooner you convert your wedding day videotapes into a digital format, the better.  The longer you leave it, the more the magnetic strip will degrade, and the worse the quality will become.  Even if you are not playing the tape, degradation will still occur.  If there is even the slightest possibility that in future you will want to convert them to a digital format, you should consider acting now and getting it done sooner rather than later. 

video tape to dvd

Cloud Based Storage

With accessible and affordable cloud-based storage everywhere you look, it is now even easier to back up all of your photographs and videos via the cloud.  For many people, cloud based storage can be a confusing subject, but it is actually very simple.  Depending on which storage provider you go for, uploading to the cloud is seamless and usually syncs with your devices automatically.  For example, if you upload your wedding video onto your laptop via google drive, as long as you have the google app on your phone, your pictures will automatically sync to your phone and you will be able to view your content as long as you have wifi or data.  Other companies like Apple do the same thing, and if you have an Apple iCloud account, all of your pictures, videos, contacts, settings and more will be saved in the cloud forever and they will sync to all of your devices.

video tape to dvd


Technology is making it much easier to connect all of our memories, past and present, and save them to our devices to be viewed and shared at any time.