Best Wedding Cake Ideas for 2020

wedding cake

Wedding cakes are kind of a big deal.  They are one of the main center pieces during the wedding reception and a source of fun and togetherness once the knot has been tied.

It comes as no surprise that couples will spend anywhere from a few hundred pounds right up to one thousand pounds on their wedding cake, and everyone wants to have something that is original and unique to their wedding experience.

We have had a look at wedding cakes past and present, to bring you our round up of the best wedding cake ideas going into 2020.

The standard format for a wedding cake has traditionally been a tiered cake with circular layers.  But more and more people are opting for different shapes when it comes to the tiers. 


Square tiered cakes seem to be quite popular this year, and some people are even mixing it up with a variation of circular and square shaped tiers on the same cake. 

Hexagonal shaped cakes have also been making an appearance.  These cakes are a little more complex and require a specialist cake baker to get right, but will look stunning and are very unique so will draw a lot of attention.

With the rise of plant based diets taking the world by storm, professional cake bakers are now offering vegan cakes.  Many couples are choosing to go for a vegan cake in order to be inclusive and cater to everyone.

Personalised cakes may seem like a bit of a fad, but with modern printing techniques and methods, cake bakers are able to do some incredible work and design a cake that is personalised but also looks great. 

Whether you want a fancy cake that no one else has, or just a simple traditional cake that will go down well with everyone, the most important thing is to choose a cake maker that shows time and care in their craft.