Best Foods to Eat When Recovering from Rhinoplasty Glasgow

rhinoplasty glasgow

If you are planning to undergo rhinoplasty in Glasgow (or have undergone it already), then you might be wondering if your eating and drinking habits will be affected because of it. Unfortunately, the answer is yes – at least in the beginning anyway. During the healing process, you want to try and restrict facial movement as much as possible to ensure that it heals properly. Here are some hints of what to eat if you are recovering from rhinoplasty in Glasgow.

rhinoplasty glasgow

Right After Rhinoplasty in Glasgow: Soft Foods

Right after surgery and for the next few days after, you want to try and stick to soft foods. Depending on how you feel after the surgery you may want to eat or you may want to just stick to water. Some of the best foods to eat after rhinoplasty in Glasgow include;

  • Yogurt
  • Oatmeal
  • Soup (ensure it is not too hot)

You want to stick to fairly mild and bland foods following the surgical procedure. This should be continued for at least a few days but most importantly, until you feel up to re-adding different textures back into your diet.


It is also essential to ensure you are getting enough fibre following rhinoplasty in Glasgow. Constipation is pretty common after surgery so it is essential you consume a good amount of fibre in the first few days after surgery. Eating soft fruits, oatmeal and well-cooked vegetables are excellent ways to get more fibre.

Eating fibre doesn’t need to be boring, some high-fibre cakes and treats that you can either make or buy include;

  • High-fibre muffins
  • High-fibre brownies
  • High-fibre pie

Watch the Temperature

Food that is too hot or too cold can make you feel extremely uncomfortable and increase pain following rhinoplasty in Glasgow. Due to this, you should avoid these foods and only eat and drink things that are a mild temperature for the first few weeks after surgery. Hot foods have the potential to burn you and cold foods can make your mouth and teeth sting.

Stay Away from Chewy Foods

If you have not already undergone surgery, then place your hand on your nose whilst chewing and see how much your nose moves. You want to limit the amount of movement you put your nose through after rhinoplasty in Glasgow. This is why it is essential to stay away from chewy foods for at least several days after surgery.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol and drinks that contain caffeine (such as coffee or fizzy drinks) should be avoided for at least several days after rhinoplasty in Glasgow – preferably longer.

Alcohol can thin the blood which can make the risk of post-surgery bleeding a lot higher. It can also increase the risk of hematoma and can make swelling worse.

Caffeine can increase blood pressure, which can be dangerous for some post-op. Ask your cosmetic surgeon if you have any concerns about this and see what they recommend.