From Cake to Pizza: 5 Top Party Snacks You Can Bake at Home

Simple mango cheesecake with a strawberry garnish that you can easily bake at home

Organising a house party means taking care of the food and alcohol aspect as well which can prove to be tricky at times because of the type of party it is for. The aim is to have something that is easy to eat and make without it seems like you did not put in the effort. Mostly dry foods are depended on at house parties but there are other options as well.

Cake You Can Bake at Home

No matter what sort of event you are hosting, having a cake is normally considered a necessity. At a house party, you can either go for something simple that acts as just another dish on the table like a cinnamon cake or a sponge cake. If you do want to make it the highlight of the event there is no limit to what you could do with everything from keeping it a simple square to shaping it into a house for a housewarming party are options you can choose from.

Slice of pizza you can bake at home

Home Cooked Chicken Wings

This keeps the casual component in tack and is also a food that you cannot go wrong with. A great chilli dip goes well with the dish and it is something everyone will like.


There are tons of variants when it comes to this option and people have managed to finish the entire food part of hosting a house party by hiring a caterer that gives you plenty of kebab options. It is a dry dish that is not messy to eat and people with picky taste will normally like it as well. There can be quite a few options with variations in the meat used as well.

Kebabs You can Bake at Home

Crackers and Some Brie

This is an easy dish to make and it is something that just about everyone loves. If you don’t have time to bake at home you can choose a snack that doesn’t require cooking. You have to put the brie in the oven for a few minutes till it reaches a gooey consistency and then serve it with some crackers. Serving with a range of crackers will add to the visual aspect and it also gives everyone a chance to dig in.

Homemade Mini Pizza

If you are having a party where families are bringing their children as well, having something on the menu that they would feel comfortable with is what makes you a good host. Bringing out an entire pizza would be a bit much but you could alternatively make mini homemade pizzas using smaller bases or a baguette. Mini pizzas are quick and easy snacks you can bake at home easily.